VIP is in our DNA

Cans of Bounce Berry Blast VIP Hard Seltzer on ice

Our story starts in the kitchen of our college home. Right before an epic party with our friends, we decided to make our own pre-game drink. With the perfect blend of vodka, seltzer, juice and powdered supplements, we made something special. We made something real. We made VIP Hard Seltzer.

Real vodka. Real juice. Real f***ing good.

Our college blend has evolved into a stand-out drink made for stand-out people. We’ve packed VIP Hard Seltzer with quality ingredients so it can be the great-tasting, buzz-giving drink that it is today. That includes charcoal-filtered vodka for maximum smoothness, natural juices and flavors for a distinct flavor, and no added sugar and low calories so you can enjoy every sip.

Cheers to the VIPs

Since day one, we’ve refused to settle for anything less than the best — and that’s what we want from you. Unmatched tenacity. Boundless living. Unwavering authenticity. We love knowing our drinks are in the hands of those embracing the VIP Hard Seltzer revolution. So grab a can and let’s sip in style.

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