Bounce Berry Blast

Limited Edition
Bounce Berry Blast VIP Hard Seltzer

Official beverage of The Kingdom, available for a limited time for the 2023-2024 UCF football season. Fruity top notes with rich berry undertones to fuel this seasons fans. GKCO!

VIP Seltzer Variety Pack

VIP Hard Seltzer uses premium charcoal filtered vodka, Appalachian mountain water, and real fruit juice. Pick up a variety pack today to experience our great flavors!


Craving a seltzer that's a cut above the rest? Look no further than VIP. Crafted with the finest ingredients, including pristine Appalachian mountain water, and infused with charcoal filtered vodka, each can unlocks a flavor experience that's simply unmatched. Elevate your refreshment, break free from the ordinary, and embrace the VIP Hard Seltzer revolution. Get ready to sip in style.



5.5% ALC/VOL
115 Calories
NO Added sugar

Crafted with the most premium ingredients, VIP Hard Seltzer is infused with appalachian mountain water, 5.5% alcohol, and a hint of natural fruity flavors to boost your palate to a refreshing level.

VIP Hard Seltzer pinapple can

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